Independence Day Celebration 2019

Independence Day Celebration 2019

Independence Day Celebration 2019

Independence Day Celebration 2019 –  Here we have detailed information about upcoming 73rd independence

day . Why we celebrate this festival & all information about it.

Independence Day Celebration 2019

Independence Day Celebration in English 2019


August 15 has a great significance in the history of India. India has been under British rule for a long time and Indians have paid every value to achieve this independence. To achieve this independence, there were various kinds of movement in the country and the countrymen put all their bets on to make every movement successful. During this time many people were killed and many British soldiers were martyred at the atrocities. India had liberated themselves on 15 August 1947 from these British people. Since then , Independence Day has been celebrated on 15th August in India. At this time of independence, the British had divided Hindustan into two parts. After India’s independence, Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru was established as the first Prime Minister of India.

On this day there is a wonderful celebration in all India. A program for flag hoisting is organized at schools, colleges, offices etc. A detailed description of this democratic celebration is being done here.

History of Independence Day (I ndependence Day History)

Independence Day Speech in English 2019

Independence Day Celebration in school 2019

There is a very detailed history of Indian independence. Its history is full of movements and sacrifices. In the 17th century around Europe, European traders started making their own postposts. Because of all the possibilities here, their business was established very well. Slowly he started deploying his military force here too. Over time, their greed grew and they started trying to establish their power all over the country. The British established the East India Company in India and made its capital Calcutta. At this time, due to the weakness of the Mughlia Sultanate in India, the British easily started to hold their hold in India. Some special battles of this time are being described below.

  • In 1757, the army of Nawab Sirajuddaula of Bengal fought with the army of the British East India Company and lost the battle in this war. After this, the British East India Company completely captured its hold in India.
  • During the Battle of Buxar in 1764, the British were successful, due to which the British rule dominated the administration of Bengal, Bihar and Orissa.
  • The Revolution of 1857 : The Revolution of 1857 is of great importance in the Indian freedom struggle . Many historians believe that this revolution was the first fight of independence from India in British India. This fight was entirely against the British East India Company. It is believed that the beginning of this revolution started with the revolt of Mangal Pandey. Mangal Pandey was a soldier in the British regiment. The cartridge used here used to be fat of cow’s meat. Mangal Pandey refused to use this cartridge for this reason and started revolting against the British army to save the cow. He killed this senior officer of the barrackpore regiment in this rebellion. Through this incident, the flame of revolution started to spread among all the exploited Indian people and spread like fire in the entire country, but the life of revolutionary Mangal Pandey ended because the British punished him for the execution of which he fought for independence – Fighting became martyrs, and due to lack of better plans this revolution failed.
  • Planned major revolutions: Several schematic revolutions were launched to break the British from India. The work of making people aware about political situations and making them aware At this time, many types of institutions were being established. Dadabhai Naroji founded the East India Association in 1867, and in 1876 Surendranath Banerjee established the Indian National Association. With the help of these institutions, the work of bringing unity among the people started to be done. During this period the Indian National Congress was established in 1885. There were many immediate veteran leaders in the Indian National Congress. Under the leadership of Mahatma Gandhi, the Civil Disobedience Movement, Champaran Satyagraha, Dandi March, and Quit India Movement . The roots of the British rule began to move from these movements.

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Famous Freedom Fighters of Indian Independence Movement (F reedom F ighters of India )

In the Indian independence movement every caste, religion and people of the country participated. The names of those who raised the responsibility of leading these people are often remembered. These freedom movements with Mahatma Gandhi were Lala Lajpat Rai, Bal Gangadhar Tilak, Gopalakrishna Gokhale, Shree Aurobindo Ghosh, Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose, Bhagat Singh, Chandrashekhar Azad, Surya Sen, Batukeshwar Dutt etc.. Although Bhagat Singh, Chandrashekhar Azad, Batukeshwar Dutt, were not ready to follow Mahatma Gandhi’s non-violent path, he wanted India’s independence at any cost. In the same way Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose has also set up his own path for Indian freedom struggle and establishment of the Azad Hind Fauj.

The Azad Hind Fauj was organized by Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose, who worked for the liberation of India from the British rule. This army was an alliance with Japan because Japan was fighting against the British Government at the time of World War II. Azad Hind Fauj fought the British forces in Burma, Imphal, Kohima, and along with the Japanese Army.

  • Women in the Indian Independence Movement (L ady F reedom F ighters of India )

In this war against the British rule, women of India also participated very loudly. This partnership started in the eyes of people since the time of Maharani Laxmibai. The names of the main women who contributed to the Indian independence movement were Mrs. Sarojini Naidu, Sister Nivedita, Smt. Annie Besant, Matangini Hazara etc.

  • Indian Independence Movement and Renaissance (Independence M ovement and R enaissance )

At the time of the Indian independence movement, British rule was trying to rule the nation by dividing the people on the basis of caste religion. He has constantly tried to divide the Hindu unity of the country. At this time, the king and many great men contributed to give new direction to the society. The main names of this period were Raja Rammohan Rai, Sri Ramkrishna Paramahansa, Sri Jagadish Chandra Bose, Rabindranath Tagore, Swami Vivekananda, Dwijendra Lal Roy, Qazi Nazrul Islam etc.

Immediate Background in India ( Immediate Background )

Before independence, the demands of full Swaraj were put before the British rule by the Indian National Congress. During this time on January 26, India’s freedom was celebrated. At the same time, Congress appealed to the Indians to contribute to the Civil Disobedience Movement. A large number of Indians participated in this movement and succeeded in the movement. With various movements, the British government began to feel that it is difficult to rule India now. At this time the British government began to weaken.
After this, the Indian National Congress celebrated Independence Day from January 1, 1930 to January 1946. Due to celebrating this Independence Day, there was an enthusiasm for Indian independence. The following are various revolutions that occur at this time.

  • Civil Disobedience Movement: The Civil Disobedience Movement was a movement launched by Mahatma Gandhi, in which several programs were performed such as breaking of salt law, boycotting government institutions and education centers, women self-organized in liquor and opium shops, foreign goods Preventing exclusion and tax payment etc. Gandhiji was agitating for the withdrawal of the ban on the British government’s salt. The British had made such laws in India that no Indian could buy salt there or no Indian could sell it. On March 12, 1930, with the help of his 78 followers, Mazatma Gandhi, along with Sabarmati to Dandi, traveled about 200 miles, and finally made salt with water from Dandi sea water and broke the salt law made by the British. This movement started in this way, for which Mahatma Gandhi had to go to jail. It is also called the salt movement. After this the above programs were also done.
  • Quit India Movement : It started with Mahatma Gandhi writing an article in ‘Harijan Magazine’. The movement started on 9th August 1942. Mahatma Gandhi gave a slogan “Do or Die” to the Quit India Movement . This movement, though Mahatma Gandhi wanted to complete the path of non-violence, but soon the damages of the common man’s patience broke and this movement was also carried out in a violent way elsewhere.

Independence Day is celebrated in India (W hy i ndependence d ay is C elebrated in India )

There were some reasons for India getting independence. The first reason for this was that the recently concluded World War II was over. In this war, Britain was facing many problems. His economics had weakened. In World War II, the people of India were forced to join the British army and fight them. While India had no role in World War II. Because of this, the anger in the people was also increasing in this area. Freedom fight was fought almost everywhere in the country. The UK regime was in full swing and was completely unable to keep Indian Awam in its control. People from almost every region of the country had started revolting against the government.

In view of these conditions, Clement Attlee decided in February 1947 that the British government would hand over all the powers of India to Indian leaders in June 1948. However, after this, Lord Mountbatten came to India as the new Viceroy. Lord Mountbatten chose India’s independence on August 15 as the second anniversary of surrender of Japan during World War II . On June 3, 1947, the British Government announced the partition of India; After this, under the Indian Independence Act 1947, British India was divided into two parts: Hindustan and Pakistan. The British left India on the night of 14 August 1947 and India attained independence on August 15, 1947. In this way India has been celebrating this day as Independence Day since then.

Importance of Indian Independence Day (I mportance of I Independence Day )

Importance of Indian Independence Day in the lives of Indians is more than life. On this day, India got independence from the British rule. In order to liberate India, many revolutionaries contributed to the country’s revolution in their own way. For India, August 15, 1947 was like a rebirth. It was the result of the movements of the previous years that the British government had kneeled in front of Indians. On this day formally the first time Prime Minister of India, Jawaharlal Nehru, hoisted the tricolor of India and addressed the countrymen on the red fort of India for the first time. On this day the countrymen first realized that India will once again move on to the world-dominated path. On this day, the eyes of all the caste people living in the country are bent on reverence for the heroes and heroes who despised their life in the freedom of this country. That is why this day is very important in people’s lives.

The way to celebrate Independence Day in India (I ndependence D ay C elebration )

Independence Day in India is followed by fervor throughout the country. It is celebrated as follows.

  • On this day, all the people come under the rule of the Tricolor beyond their religion, caste. On this day, the country’s immediate Prime Minister Tricolor hovers over Red Fort of Delhi and addresses all Indians from the same place.
  • After the flag hoisting, national anthem is sung throughout the country. On this occasion, flag is given 21 guns salute.
  • On this day, many government and non-governmental institutions in the country are organized based on different cultures of the country and the great freedom fighters of the country are remembered. Many large institutions are fully equipped.
  • On this day, various types of programs are organized on the highway of Delhi. In this event, the three main forces of India, the Army, Army and Air Force personnel show their feats.
  • On this day, similar arrangements are held in all the states of India where the Chief Minister of the state holds his statement before the people.

In this way, this day is celebrated throughout the country with the joy of Independence Day. This year, on 15th August 2018, it will also be celebrated with great enthusiasm as the 72nd Independence Day on Tuesday.

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